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Two thirds of our planet’s surface…

…is covered by water.

■ Less than 1% of the Earth’s water is available for the needs of humankind
■ The world’s population is expected to rise from 6 billion in 2000
   to 8 billion in 2025
■ The average amount of fresh water available per person per year will therefore drop
   from 6,600 to 4,800 cubic metres, a fall of almost a third
■ Between half and two thirds of humankind will be suffering ‘water stress’ by 2025
   (less than 1,700 cubic metres of fresh water available per person per year)
■ Irrigation currently absorbs 70 % of global water usage, and this is expected to increase
   by 17 % over the next 20 years
■ Municipal and domestic consumption is set to rise by 40% in the next 20 years

According to the United Nations, fifty years from now water could become as precious a commodity as oil…


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